Welcome Aboard

Congratulations on your orders to Expeditionary Strike Group SEVEN (ESG 7).

Our command has two locations at White Beach U.S. Naval Facility on the island of Okinawa, Japan and at Fleet Activities Sasebo, Japan on the island of Kyushu.

Our staff is responsible for all amphibious operations and sustainment in the SEVENTH Fleet Area of Responsibility. We conduct numerous bi-lateral and multi-lateral training exercises each year to be prepared for the full range of theater contingencies from humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations to combat operations.

Your may contact the sponsor coordinator at ctf76sponsor@fe.navy.mil .Please ensure you communicate directly with your sponsor with any questions you may have about your upcoming PCS, living overseas, and working in our command. Our Command Ombudsman can be contacted at esg7ombudsman@gmail.com and our Family Readiness Group can be contacted at ctf76frg@gmail.com.

Contact Information:

Mailing Address:
(Your Rate / Name)
Expeditionary Strike Group Seven
Unit 25093
FPO AP 96601-6006
Mailing Address:
(Your Rate / Name)
Expeditionary Strike Group Seven
PSC 476 Box 14
FPO AP 96322-0014
Important Phone Numbers:
Commercial: 011-81-98-954-1555/6
DSN: 315-622-1555/6
Japan, Commercial:098-954-1555/6
Japan, DSN: 622-1555/6
Fax: 622-1614
Important Phone Numbers:
Commercial: 011-81-956-50-2810
DSN: 315-252-2810
Japan, Commercial: 095-650-2810
Japan, DSN: 252-2810
Fax: 252-2265
Commander, Fleet Activities Okinawa
Marine Corps Community Services
Detailed Okinawa Map
Okinawa Military Housing
Commander, Fleet Activities Sasebo

Useful Resources:

FRG Welcome Aboard Packet
SOFA driver's Manual
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Navy Family
Information on Childcare
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